In Loving Memory of Our Sister, Lara Rios

On Wednesday, July 20, 2011, we lost our beloved Sister and friend, Lara Rios.

Lara was the resident chef and "healthy cooking" meetup organizer for our group. She was renowned for her "healthy cooking on a budget" meetup classes, her fun playdates and dinner parties and most especially, for her delectable culinary creations, which she always generously shared with us.

A true bon vivant, Lara never ceased to amaze us with her epicurean talents, and her passion for cooking served to inspire many of us to return to our kitchens and emulate her delicious recipes for our own families.

In many respects, Lara epitomized the essence of a true Sister In Arms. Not only was she a loving and devoted mother to her son, David, but she was also unceasingly loyal and kind to those whom she befriended.  As single mothers, we come together initially as strangers, perhaps a bit apprehensive and scared at first, but over time and through shared experiences, we become friends and kindred spirits. Through the meetups she hosted, Lara threw open her doors and her arms and welcomed us into her home, fed us, and helped foster the bonds of family and togtherness between fellow single moms and our kids. 

It is without a doubt that Lara loved her Sisters; she loved belonging to a group of women who accepted her, cared about her, and loved her just as she was. Even through her dark moments, she still managed to find happiness in the friendships she had made within our community.

Please join those of us who love Lara and wish to keep her memory alive...leave a comment, a story, or a personal note about Lara, encouraging words for her son, David, and her family and friends, who are mourning the loss of a beautiful, vibrant, talented angel in disguise.

We love you, Lara...


Stacy said...


The first meetup you ever came to was one I did at Las Palmas. I remember you instantly hugged me and said thank you for not judging you. I realized at that moment you would be a part of this group for life.

Not a day will go by without me wondering what could've been. I wonder what else we could have done to help you. I wish you could've seen what we saw in you: a beautiful, talented, caring woman. With all my heart, I will make sure to tell David how lovely you were. You were a person who left an imprint on my heart and I will never let your legacy die.

May you finally find the peace that you had been searching for. My heart breaks you for and always.

Love, Stacy and Damien

Jill & Holden said...

Lara, I am so sad that you are gone. I wish there was more we could have done to ease your pain and were an awesome Sister and friend and you'll continue to live on in our hearts and memories...

Julieta said...

I will never forget how generous and kind you were in words and in action. I will miss you terribly Lara and my heart aches so much right now.

I do wish you finally have found the peace that so eluded you in life.

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